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Welcome to Swap and Share Community Outreach, Inc. 

“Bringing families together, one family at a time”

Swap and Share Community Outreach, Inc.'s
mission is "Bringing families together, one family at a time." Our principle goal is to positively affect domestic and international families to be self sustaining and to thrive in a healthy environment.

Our vision is to promote healthy family environments for 100 families per year by providing them with tools such as parenting skills training, health and wellness awareness and training, career advancement empowerment, tutorial assistance to promote academic excellence, HIV/AIDS awareness, education and counseling as well as advocacy for the promotion of responsible fathers for the under-served communities.


  • To teach the community at large to swap and share their goods and services in order to meet the needs of the underprivileged citizens in the community.
  • To open a thrift store which will employ workers from within the community using items donated to Swap and Share Community Outreach, Inc. as its resource.
  • To provide job placement services and teach employable skills to the community.
  • To host an annual Swap and Share event which will allow companies and individuals to exchange goods, services and information.
  • To provide marital counseling and programs to enrich family unions.
  • To teach parenting skills to underserved communities.
  • To increase HIV/AIDS awareness within these underserved communities and provide free testing where possible.

It is the conviction of Swap and Share Community Outreach, Inc. that it is not enough to help the less fortunate with handouts however, it is imperative that they are provided with tools and support to sustain themselves. We realize that some individuals might need temporary support to rebound from the negative affects of the recent economic downturn and that's why we are here; to be that support system for these forgotten and underserved families. We provide donations of food, clothes, shoes, furniture, appliances, etc. to those who need them and with the assistance of generous individuals and corporations, we are able to serve the domestic and international community.

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